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things that make me smile… November 30, 2008

Posted by G in smiles.

I will post something later… this is just a moment of excitement and figured that it had to be posted under the “smiles” section!! the coolest part for me??? seeing every number on the calendar over there —-> with a line at the bottom!!!!

Jackie… I dedicate this smile all to you ;]


things that make me smile… November 16, 2008

Posted by G in smiles.

man, I haven’t added anything to this series in a long time…

walking through the grocery store with two of my favorite people trying to make a decision on what to bring to linner (or was that blinner?? ) at another friend’s home…

hanging out with friends talking about random stuff, having lots of laughs and then suddenly realizing that it’s over 6 hours later…

things that make me smile… May 16, 2008

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Waking up to a cardinal knocking on my window… (they are my absolute favorite)…

Going through the Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru and having the person on the other end of the speaker ask me “May I interest you in a bottled water today??”  …say what???

things that make me smile… April 20, 2008

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okay, so I need to counteract the pet peeves with things that make me smile…

One thing I really love about living around here is driving down the road in the morning and looking up in the sky and seeing a hot air balloon or two or three or… (you get the point) I really love that about living in this town in New Hampshire.  I remember once when I was younger, one landed in my back yard.  That was such a cool day.  So, yea… everytime I see one I smile & think “man, that’s beautiful… how cool is that??”