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You are fairer still today… May 11, 2009

Posted by G in from the heart.

AriThis is my beautiful niece Arilia Elise Jacqueline. She was born on Easter Sunday, April 12th at 5:07pm. She is our little Easter bunny.

I can not tell you how amazed I am in regards to God’s provision with this situation. Here is the short story without too many boring details.

I thought I was going to have to take custody of my niece. The past two months have consisted of me being prepared to either take her or not… I couldn’t get myself excited for either possibility since both were up in the air. When people asked what to pray for, I just said “pray for what is best for the baby”. Everyone’s reaction was always the same… “well I know that you taking her would be the best thing”.

Good news is God knows better than we do… baby was born 10 fingers, 10 toes… momma is doing well and I see a significant desire to be the best mom she can be. Her and babydaddy are living with my dad (this my friend, is a miracle… you have NO idea). Babydaddy is working and they are looking to find a place of their own in the relative same area as my dad. This should help them to stay out of trouble. My sister and I got along better than we ever did when I was down for the month. I definitely see this as a possibility for a 180 in our relationship. Of course there is lots of work all the way around in all aspects of life… BUT we do not have to worry about knowing what is best… we just need to trust.



1. topsurf - May 11, 2009

This is a beautiful post, as is the photo that titles it. “But we do not have to worry about knowing what is best… we just need to trust.” …..says it all.

2. Katie - June 20, 2009

Aww, she’s so beautiful. I hope it all works out, for Ari’s sake.

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