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my day in pictures November 22, 2008

Posted by G in day in pictures.

well… this is actually yesterday…

friday in pictures

I am making this a regular thing. The task is to pick 16 words that described my day and then go here to create a mosaic. What did you do today??

1. weird dreams, 2. time to wake up, 3. routine, 4. I heart coffee, 5. frosty, 6. sunglass day, 7. job #2, 8. lunch, 9. sweet find, 10. surprise, 11. escape!, 12. I got a call back!, 13. cheap gas, 14. dinner, 15. conversation, 16. night night!



1. Antje - November 22, 2008

Cute! I love this. How did you do it??

2. G - November 22, 2008

darling Antje… the answer is in the post…

Just do a search for a word (or phase) in flickr and then paste the picture link into the create mosaic page.

COOLEST PART OF THIS ONE… #7 was actually taken on the side of the warehouse bldg… I did a search for the type of building & it came up with pics of the warehouse!!! :] too too cool!!!

3. yoonamaniac - November 22, 2008

This is awesome. Are we allowed to use any pictures we find in flickr?

4. Antje - November 22, 2008

that is my question as well. can you JUST use them? Or do you ask every time for permission??

5. G - November 22, 2008


ahhhh!! okay, now I get it… it is a tool that uses flickr… some pics will not allow you to use them & they come up black & then I go back & look for different pics… but the bottom of my post that lists the words link back to the flickr page for that pic so that you can give the person credit for taking the pics. make sense now???

6. G - November 22, 2008

man… that’s one runon sentence…. :p

7. topsurf - November 22, 2008

I love when you do this, I am much more of a visual person so this fits me fine.

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