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“I was thinking… over thinking” November 20, 2008

Posted by G in Namibia.

shadowI’ve been struggling for the past three months trying to decide what to write in order to share my trip. It’s been quite difficult to express the way that I have been feeling this time around. I’ve been to Namibia seven times, I know what to expect… I am aware of the poverty… I am aware of the living conditions… I know and love many of the people. I am no longer shocked by what I see, yet each time my heart breaks a little bit more and more. There is always somethings that make me want to burst at the seems… bolt for the door and bawl.

The coolest part about this trip was how clear I was that God had called me to go. Even when things seemed dicey & I entertained the possibility of me not going… I knew better. People generously gave and prayed for me to be on this journey and those prayers were indeed felt. All the money I suddenly needed to raise for the trip came in AND some of you do not realize that Nate & I were charged an additional $350 EACH for our tickets… we were not informed this until just before we left. God supplied that money too. I am so greatful for each and everyone of you. No matter which part you played whether financially and/or praying, you were an intricate part of our journey.

My mind set this time around was completely different than the past. I had no agenda… none. In the past as much as I tried to go without one, I always had something in the back of my mind. This time was different. I wanted to focus and do anything that I was needed to do. I was excited about my small team, we were an ecclectic bunch and the majority had never been before. We had two strong leaders with completely different personalities, there were four teens and three ladies (including myself). We had no idea what we were to do before we arrived. Rumor had it that there may be some painting and work on the property. We may go into the preschools or whatever else was needed.

The first couple of days before the other teams went their separate ways were a little rough for our team. Both leaders, Nate and Jesse, were sick and the rest of the team felt like outsiders compared to the other groups. The coolest part about the first full day was that the kids and Jan had a full afternoon to hang out and get to know one another. It was so awesome for me to see their interactions… and every moment my love for the team grew more and more. Within a couple days the larger group left and we all began to live as one.

To be continued…



1. Jackie - November 20, 2008

Really cool! Can’t wait for all of the other installments!
BTW…I think it’s a go for S&S! Happy Birthday Present! It will be a blast. We can chat this weekend and wrap up the plans!!! Woo Hoo! Roadtrip! Yeah!

2. Jackie - November 22, 2008

P.S. I see MikeKnight, I see G…..: )

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