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things that make me smile… November 16, 2008

Posted by G in smiles.

man, I haven’t added anything to this series in a long time…

walking through the grocery store with two of my favorite people trying to make a decision on what to bring to linner (or was that blinner?? ) at another friend’s home…

hanging out with friends talking about random stuff, having lots of laughs and then suddenly realizing that it’s over 6 hours later…


1. topsurf - November 17, 2008

This is an awesome idea. I wonder if you mind me stealing it. Things that make me smile…..reading your blog! 😀

2. G - November 17, 2008

heh! of course I don’t mind… I also started a pet peeves series… which I am happy to say only has one entry. ;]

3. Jackie - November 17, 2008

I’m gonna use it too! Things that make me smile….

Telling those two friends they better get jobs soon cause I am not always going to pay! Hahaha! That was sooooooooo funny!

“I’ve got the money”
“You’re the one with the job”

Love you guys!

4. G - November 17, 2008

HA! I am sure I can speak for him in this & say that we love you too!!! =] (and if I can’t… well… we all know that he will correct me… I did miss him while he was gone… right??)

Let me state for the record… I bought my own diet pepsi… ;]

5. Jackie - November 17, 2008

And one loaf of bread was actually free! Haha!

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