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no way… really?? November 11, 2008

Posted by G in random stuff.

My AwardWell… I’ve received an award… for blogging.  No really, I am serious… and not by someone who’s obligated because I see them all the time.  I would like to thank Craig for giving me this beautiful award.  I would also like to thank him for making day 11 an easy post! ;]

There are a few stipulations to this beautiful prize you see at the left.

Part of accepting this award is:

  • Displaying the award.
  • Linking back to the person who gave it to you.
  • Paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs.
  • Leaving comments on their blogs telling them they’ve received one.
  • Enjoying the award.

So… now I must choose seven people to receive this award… this is tough… and I am putting them in alphabetical order as to not let you be aware of my most favorites.  I am also choosing friends because in all reality, their blogs are the ones that I check most regularly…

Tara Leigh

As for some… I WOULD LOVE to have picked a few more of you, but some haven’t updated in forever and another said that he can not wait to get home so that he can stop blogging.  But it is true… I love all of your blogs too!!!



1. chasy - November 12, 2008

Um. That’s like…totally NOT in alphabetical order. I’m going to assume that since I’m at the bottom, I’m your most favorite. ;-P

2. Jackie - November 12, 2008

And I love being the middle child! Haha! Thanks for the award!

3. G - November 12, 2008

ummm… alphabetical by last name… knew someone was going to ask questions…. :p heh!

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