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All you need is love, love… November 10, 2008

Posted by G in youth min.

It’s official… I received my last text message at 6:00am this morning… Mike is on his way home!

I can not believe that it’s been pretty much a year since he left… it honestly seems like yesterday. Youth Group has changed drastically since he left, it’s going to be interesting to see his take on things. I have noticed that it’s not cliquey… although the junior & senior high mostly stick together, they will have conversations and play games together. We haven’t really had any major discipline issues… last year seemed rough and almost not fun at times. When “new” kids come in for the first time they are welcomed… spoken to and loved (without me having to say “hey go talk to them”)… and kids bring their friends… one friend came back the following week even when they knew their friend wasn’t going to be there… and has been back every week. I don’t freak out and break into a sweat on the nights I teach… I don’t over prepare… I just let the message flow… sometimes it’s better than others, but I don’t dwell on things that I think didn’t work. I have learned that my desire is to stretch them and they take me serious when I do it… although they do what they can to make me laugh at any given moment… at inappropriate times… and at inappropriate things, but I can’t help it… they are hilarious! So, I laugh… and then they get the look… sometimes I think that they live for the look…

The thing that always holds true is that I love these kids… each and every one of them… even Alex (who just may get broken fingers for poking me… constantly). It’s amazing to see how these kids have grown… the relationships that they develop and the desire they have to love one another. I am pretty sure that they have a hand in my facebook rank of “best mother (potential)” and I wear that badge with a smile.


1. Darin - November 11, 2008

Great post. Inspiring thoughts on the youth – and fun seeing the pictures of the kids hanging together after youth group last night. Congrats on your lesson last night – the girls were talking about it today, and THAT is a huge accomplishment.

2. Jackie - November 11, 2008

Where are these pics? I want to see them, too! See, G? You have lots of kids calling you Mom! That’s cool! XOXO

3. G - November 11, 2008

facebook… katie’s page… a bunch of them went to taco bell after… they are too cute!

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