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I will survive… November 8, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

The banquet was a success… I am spent… I’ve learned a few things… so, all is good…

As for the chocolate fountain… it’s freakin’ possessed… it worked fine for a while… then it stopped.  We kept it on and suddenly one of my AMAZING crew said “the fountain is working again!!” and so it was… then about 20 minutes later it stopped again, but that time it appeared that the chocolate ratio was too low… so we again kept it on to allow dipping. Then I could tell that two of my AMAZING crew were talking about it, so I let them know that I thought that the chocolate ratio was too low and it was almost time for the program anyway.  Then within a few minutes the thing was working again… BAM… yea, so I think I need to get Richard to cast out some demons…

As for me… I don’t think I have ever been so tired in my life!!!  Clean up went smooth with the AMAZING crew… after I stopped by to see a couple 3 Chords sets and then needed to finish up a couple things before I could sleep and I was whining SO much on the inside…

My sister has called me so much in the past 3 months… I have used up all my minutes and over 1000+ rollover minutes… I have now told her that she can only call me past 9pm… never thought I would have to have that conversation.  All in all this is a good thing… something that I am not used to… but yea… I can say it’s good.

Okay, so you all can blame jackie & pd for the mindless chatter on my blog right now.  Just know that this is hurting me more than it’s hurting you… 22 days to go… 8{



1. Craig | fusedreality - November 9, 2008

I’m glad to hear it, and that your AMAZING crew was so utterly AMAZING.

Get yourself some rest and hopefully you’ll come up with a bounty of ideas soon! I know how hard it is when you really start working on your blog.

Best Wishes!

2. G - November 10, 2008

heh Craig! so, I just looked and I think that everytime I have typed the word “AMAZING” on my blog it has been in all caps… never noticed that until your comment… still watching you… and yes… I may steal some of your question thingies… ;]

3. Jackie - November 10, 2008

And why are you blaming me for all the chatter? : )

4. G - November 10, 2008

you my friend are the one who “made” me start posting every day for this challenge… pd is the one that told me life would end as I know it if I miss a day… and we all know that I can not disagree with him… ;]

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