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RTFM November 7, 2008

Posted by G in random stuff.

I don’t know what tonight is going to look like with the banquet & then heading to hear the boys play after that, so I figure I’ll get something up quickly…

I have been running around like a crazy woman, but I think we are golden.  Gaby dropped off the chocolate fountain & I couldn’t remember how much chocolate we needed, I was pretty sure that it was five pounds.  I was delegating the chocolate purchasing and discovered that the instructions were missing =| which means I don’t know chocolate to oil ratio either… grrr… but the good news is: google… I googled “chocolate fountain instructions” and found the manual for another fountain & it confirmed what I thought.  The cooler news… it gave me a handy dandy trick about melting the chocolate in a plastic bag instead of a bowl.  This my friend is AMAZING…



1. Jackie - November 10, 2008

RTFM means what? I have no clue. And were you melting that chocolate in the microwave? In the plastic bag? I heard that cancerous agents get into the food that way. Breaks down or something like that. I was just having that discussion with someone lately. If I had a baby to feed, I wouldn’t heat anything up in any type of plastic. So there you have it! Haha! Glad that the banquet went well and you can now catch up on some rest!

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