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T-minus 21 hours… November 6, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

I am still preparing for the banquet… still have quite a few things to accomplish. I am not too freaked out about it, but some things ended up waiting until last minute because we did not have all the information in.  So, I spent the last couple days completing things that quite possibly could have been completed ahead of time.  The biggest thing now is that I have to bake a couple things.  If I didn’t feel ill on Sunday I would’ve done it then (because mini quiche freeze well) but the head started aching because of lack of water intake… then I drank water and felt like I was going to puke… then I took a short nap, woke up and the headache was gone… thank God. (anyone that knows me knows that I NEVER get headaches, and this one was totally self-inflicted)  So, here I am again… working right up until the last minute.  I really pray that this banquet is a success… the numbers don’t seem as high as we were hoping.  The silent auction items are cool for celtics & red sox fans… a big papi bat, a bob cousy basketball (no, I didn’t know who he was either).  I am really going to stop writing now because I am TOTALLY rambling. I was told yesterday that if I miss a day of the “challenge” life will end as I know it… but in all seriousness… the past two months have been a continual reminder of that. So, I will now stop the pain you must be experiencing by reading this post about nothing and get my butt back to baking.



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