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my brain is full… November 5, 2008

Posted by G in from the heart, prayer.

I keep thinking that it’s going to explode… there are a few things in life that I think need to happen and then life may just settle down for me:

1.  National Coalition Banquet needs to be over (and a success) – two more days… wanna come?? it’s Friday night at 6:30pm and it will be over in PLENTY of time to see 3 Chords at Shenanigans.

2.  I need to write a letter on the status of the estate… YES! I will do it this time… gosh!!

3.  Scumbag tenants need to move… (yes, they are still there… and no, I don’t want to talk about it… grrr!!!) We have come to an agreement that they will leave on December 3rd… please, please!!

4.  Meeting with the building inspector… ugh…

5.  Neighbors are talking about buying the land… THIS IS #1!! I am so committed to selling, I really can not do it anymore. If not them, someone… anyone… anyone… bueller??  bueller??

6.  I would really like to get caught up financially in life… selling would possibly solve it and I would love to be able to work only one job… splitting my time has always run me ragged.

7.  Health… I really think that this stress is finally starting to affect me physically… I really need to get a reign on my sleeping and eating habits again… and it’s quite true that low income eating is not great for the diet… I’ve even been slacking on my water intake… yea… me… the one with the nalgene bottle always attached to her person…

Okay… so this is my current me me me prayer list… I am usually not one to put it all out there for the world to see, but there you have it. Please pray with me, and do feel free to leave your prayer requests in the comments or even give me a call… it would be my pleasure to reciprocate!


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