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Life is full of the unexpected… November 2, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

The past two months have been stress upon stress… I suppose it’s been going on much longer but over the past two months it has felt as if my head was about to explode. All in all I haven’t worried about what’s been going on, it’s been more the fact that there is a lot of unknown ahead. Every moment that I think I’ve got something covered… the next thing shows it’s ugly face. I’ve almost begun to laugh at it. 

I think the toughest time was when I knew a month ahead of time that I would no longer be working at CCA. I felt as if I couldn’t talk about it and that made me miserable. Sunday mornings were so difficult, I couldn’t get myself out of the funk I was feeling. I couldn’t explain how I was feeling… even to myself.  Now that the announcement has been made, I can smile again. My favorite part is that I no longer feel I have to wake up early and attend both services.

I am not sure what the road ahead has… there are many different opportunities that are coming my way. I check each one to see what’s in store. If my dad & sister have their way, I will be moving to South Carolina at the beginning of the year… that of course needs to be made 100% clear and there are quite a few hurdles that need to be cleared before I am sure that is what I’ve been called to do. 

This is only a portion of what the past two months have had in store, but we are heading up on 11:40pm and I want to be sure to get this posted.  I also note that the time on my blog is off… it’s telling me that it’s currently 4:38am… I need to fix that… So, yes… life is full of the unexpected… each day my head feels a little less pressure and the possibility of explosion is lessened. And I am looking to the days ahead with great expectation.



1. Jackie - November 3, 2008

I didn’t like that you knew about your job ending way back when and only a few people did at that time. That announcement should have come way earlier. : P However, I am glad you are able to smile again and I’ve really enjoyed how we can now sit together at church! And, we had a whole row to ourselves yesterday to spread out in! Loved that! Hope the training goes well this week. I wonder what she’ll be like? New things are on the horizon for you. Would be great to know, wouldn’t it? Lots of Love!

2. G - November 3, 2008

yea, the training is going to crack me up… kind of cool that I am being forced out of that job too since I really was not too psyched about it. I still think it’s hilarious how all that went down… we will see in the next 3 weeks I might have to get a job with set hours… ugh… idk if I like that plan ;]

3. LeAnne - November 5, 2008

call me soon… love ya

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