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ummm… maybe… November 1, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

so, jackie wants me to do the whole NaGoBlo (or what ever it is).  Well… I will not be signing up on any website, BUT I will make an effort to post every day this month. AND of course the fact that a random visitor from London stated “clearly you are an idiot”, this gives me more motivation to invade the interwebs with my idiocracy ;] heh…

I hope you decide to join me on this journey… I hope I remember to post something everyday… AND I promise to continue to be my idiotic self… 

Cheerio!!!  This might all just go completely pear shaped…



1. Craig | fusedreality - November 1, 2008

Yay! I wish you luck, and I’ll be keeping an eye on you… 😉

Let the games begin!

2. Jacqueline N. Livsey - November 2, 2008

I missed the whole idiot thing. I’ll have to go searching for that! : ) And idiots have idiot friends. I like that! Haha! I am not signing up on any site either. Do I have to do that? I can’t remember! See you in Cyber. I am putting you up on my new desktop!!! We will be having a bloggers celebration at the end of the challenge, so try to post SOMETHING every day! XOXO

3. Jackie - November 2, 2008

Not sure why I was listed so formally on that post! Haha!

4. Darin - November 2, 2008

I say, go for it! And, I know a thing or two about idiots.

5. mommamariany - November 3, 2008

Yeah G! Go for it. I’m trying to do it too. Hopefully I will fair better than last year!

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