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things that make me smile… November 30, 2008

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I will post something later… this is just a moment of excitement and figured that it had to be posted under the “smiles” section!! the coolest part for me??? seeing every number on the calendar over there —-> with a line at the bottom!!!!

Jackie… I dedicate this smile all to you ;]


get out of blogging free card… November 29, 2008

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JUST IN CASE I don’t get back in time… I am blogging a post about nothing in honor of my favorite comedian…

does anyone feel like this today???

The time has come… November 28, 2008

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Just looked at the time… crap almost missed today… it’s 11:30pm…

Thanksgiving was a completely blessed day… Kristen & I cooked a dinner that could feed fifty (we weren’t sure of all that were coming). We had 11 guests join us and I was so happy to share the day with each one of them. I have been truely blessed with some amazing friends…

Today was a relaxing day… it’s almost like I am on vacation. KP & I are staying at the Deu’s while they are away. Tonight we sit by the fire listening to some music, fun times…

and finally… it’s the most wonderful time of the year… I have been waiting over a month to share this:

Merry Christmas… let the season begin… :]

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~W.J. Cameron November 27, 2008

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Happy Thanksgiving… I am not sure what the day will look like for time. I have lots of friends coming my way… so I am just going to say that I hope you all have an amazing blessed day!!

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart November 26, 2008

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I love childhood memories

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” November 25, 2008

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okay… quick update… I am a wee bit tired…

I had the second interview today. Again, I think it went really well… but honestly it seems like they are trying to talk me out of wanting the job. I do understand where they are coming from. They have not had much success keeping someone in the position. From what they’ve told me, it can be pretty intense. Honestly, I have no fear about it. They asked me what most would intimidate me in the job. My answer was not that I would really be intimidated, but starting any new job can make anyone feel a bit intimidated. When you take a position, you want to go in and learn it as quickly as possible. You want to be successful and please those that you are working for. So all in all… I am up for the challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those are for you jackie)

I am told that they want to make a decision as soon as possible. It appears that they have one more person with a second interview, and the hiring manager is out until December 2nd… so… maybe… just maybe the decision will be made on my birthday… hummm… we will see… :]

oh love, I’ve always known you… November 24, 2008

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well… I haven’t, but God has and that’s the cool part!

It's a girl!!!

It’s a girl and in five months I will meet her. I am a real auntie… of course my friend’s kids call me Auntie G , it’s been that way since my boy Austin was born, but come April I will meet her and it’s for real, for real!! Her name is Arelia Elise… Arelia is Craig’s grandmother’s name and Sophie picked out Elise.

Sophie has been through some pretty tough times and it’s really cool for me to see how excited she is and it’s really awesome to know that she wants to share her excitement with me. Out of the 14 pics she emailed me… this is my favorite: :]


“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” ~Psalm 139:13

pet peeves November 23, 2008

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I have a combination of Bumbalayla & Bayette running through my head… for those that are not aware, they are two songs that we learned in Namibia. Normally I wouldn’t be so annoyed by a song getting stuck in my head, but since it’s two… simultaneously… getting all jumbled together… grrrr….

I suppose I should use the same method to get the songs out of my head that the person who originally got them stuck in my head would advise me… Mike is always there to help… 8| no, no… seriously… he can be oh so helpful…

my day in pictures November 22, 2008

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well… this is actually yesterday…

friday in pictures

I am making this a regular thing. The task is to pick 16 words that described my day and then go here to create a mosaic. What did you do today??

1. weird dreams, 2. time to wake up, 3. routine, 4. I heart coffee, 5. frosty, 6. sunglass day, 7. job #2, 8. lunch, 9. sweet find, 10. surprise, 11. escape!, 12. I got a call back!, 13. cheap gas, 14. dinner, 15. conversation, 16. night night!

“Where could we get enough bread in this remote place to feed such a crowd?” November 21, 2008

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The first few days were really rough… especially for Nate. The poor guy could just barely get out of bed. Jesse wasn’t as bad… although there were a couple days that were quite rough. A big part of my responsibilities were to cook for the team (which you know I LOVE to do). My stove was a propane bottle with a burner on top and the utensils were limited, but I figured out pretty quickly how to cook for 10-16+ people with one pot. I really enjoyed the challenge.

buddy & juliaSunday we went to Buddy & Julia’s church at the Apex Centre. It was great to finally meet a couple that I had only heard about. In the evening they came back to the plot for dinner. As we sat around the fire they told us about their weddings (yes, I said weddings) and talked about what it was like to be married to someone that has a completely different cultural background. We ended the night with a hardcore game of Apples to Apples Namibian style.  

Jesse talked a bit around the fire about what the next day looked like. In the morning half the team was going to paint the big hall across from the kitchen area and half would go to the soup kitchen. The afternoon would be divided with the soup kitchen, after school bible study at the high school and a visit to the Ark (a children’s home in town). Monday morning Jesse & I had a conversation about how we should divvy up the team for the different projects. I assured Jesse that I am up for whatever he needs. Jesse asked me to take the team to the soup kitchen and I was excited to have the opportunity to go there since I had never been before.

At the soup kitchen they provide two meals a day for approximately 400 children. The morning meal is a sandwich consisting of bread, butter & jam or butter & peanut butter. The afternoon meal is a hot meal and varied everyday and consisted of meat and a starch (potatoes, meali-pap, noodles or rice).

From what I learned from Joan Morsbach, this was the first project that she had seen that was actually WORKING. It started out with about 60 kids and quickly grew. When the children first come into the program they are examined by a doctor. If after 10 days they are not thriving, the doctor will test further to discover why. The people that give their hearts to the soup kitchen are an amazing bunch and I can not wait to tell you more about them.

To be continued…