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daily grind… September 21, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

I’ve gone out of my mind trying to write a trip summary… I will finish it… I have just been so *ugh* over the past month.

Lately my life is changing more than I expected it would… sure I’ve joked about it, but changes are really happening. I can only say that I am not worried… I am a little scared at some of the possibilities and the way they have come at me (not a real fear, it’s just so unknown). My whole world could be changing not just parts of it. Things I never considered, I am considering… I just know that I need to take life one moment at a time and discover where my path is really leading.


1. amanda - September 22, 2008

I kind of feel the same way. I really am not sure how I feel about all of this “unknown.” It’s so easy for me to think negatively, so it’s extra hard for me not to lose faith when faced with being scared. For me I do experience real fear and worry… a lot actually. I’m not sure why that is… I know we are not supposed to worry in this life because what does it solve? But that seems to be my own way or defense mechanism. I’ve been discovering lately who I am… I would love to think I am strong, but lately I feel like I’m the one walking on water and having Jesus say “Oh you of little faith.” My faith wavers constantly, and I am being shown what I am made of. And lately I haven’t exactly liked what I’ve been seeing.

That’s cool that you are considering things. Everyone seems to be at such a transition time in their life. I almost wonder is there any form of stability on this earth or a time in life that doesn’t feel uncertain? I’m realizing that everyday is uncertain and that is why God is so important, and it’s like I know that in my head… I just haven’t found a way to grasp that. I feel like I’m living for Him, but I almost don’t know the One I am living for…. does that make any sense?

Man I’m in a babbling mood today, being home sick makes you think a lot I suppose.

2. LeAnne - September 26, 2008

Hey hot stuff… I am so behind in everything, I just caught up on almost 300 blog postings on my reader that I’ve missed the last month. 🙂 Let’s get together on the phone and catch up… love and miss ya!

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