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daily grind… September 21, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

I’ve gone out of my mind trying to write a trip summary… I will finish it… I have just been so *ugh* over the past month.

Lately my life is changing more than I expected it would… sure I’ve joked about it, but changes are really happening. I can only say that I am not worried… I am a little scared at some of the possibilities and the way they have come at me (not a real fear, it’s just so unknown). My whole world could be changing not just parts of it. Things I never considered, I am considering… I just know that I need to take life one moment at a time and discover where my path is really leading.


things for people to remember… September 9, 2008

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.
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I am a New England sports fan…
we ALWAYS have hope & we take our disappointments gracefully…

that is all…