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fine… here goes… April 17, 2008

Posted by G in truth.

man, they’ve completely changed the posting page since my last post… alrighty then…

So, the friends of mine that I know usually read this thing have requested that I elaboate my last statement… I am going to try and do the “short & sweet” version… yea, you guys know me too well… let’s see how it goes.

I have been discovering much about myself more recently… God has been quite faithful to bring people into my life to help me discover.  I met quite a few new friends in February and I have come to realize that we are all living with similar situations… losses, struggles, annoyances, likes, ect… it’s been pretty wild realizing the parallels.  ANYWAY… I was having a conversation with my friend Claudia… I have to go on a bit of a tangent… this girl is amazing… she gets me… she challenges me and I challenge her… we can speak truth into one another’s lives and we can tell one another anything… and there is no fear of judgement or fear when the other one realizes how crazy we both are… 😉 but the coolest part is that God has truly pre-ordained our friendship… we are only friends because of His hands in our lives.  So, all I can say about that is He truly has something amazing planned for each of us… end tangent…  The two of us were in the middle of one of our long conversations about life and God and… and… (that’s how our conversations go) For some reason, I can not recall how it started, I needed to mention how I started living where I am currently living.  The words that came out of my mouth were “I moved in the day that I died”… and I immediately thought ugh… that explains the past four years… and I immediately covered it up with “the day my mom died” (Claudia didn’t point it out for another 10 minutes, but she was thinking the same as I was). 

So, basically my realization was that I haven’t been living… I have been on autopilot for the past four years.  In many ways I have been doing a pretty good job of hiding it, but my passions have been doused, my creativity has been squashed… So, I’ve decided I need to figure out how to live again. 


1. chasyaldora - April 17, 2008

i love you i love you i love you! thank you so much for sharing!!! :]

thank you also for filling out the poll. ;]

i have to say, i am so glad you blog. i really wish more of my friends blogged. (let’s see…justin, kari-lynn, steph, wanda….the list goes on.) it’s a super fun way to keep in touch with people. so……i guess this is my saying i appreciate you as a fellow blogger! ;p

2. leanne - April 17, 2008

Love ya, kiddo 🙂

3. G - April 17, 2008

man… you guys are quick!!

Love you too!! ~G

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