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Avionic Failure March 27, 2008

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two words you don’t want to hear from your pilot… it leads to a very long day…


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” ~Psalm 139:14 March 16, 2008

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Taken from an interview with Nick on the “Hour of Power” 

“You know what? A lot of people say, “Nick, I can never imagine what you’ve gone through,” or, “You’re the most inspirational story,” or something like that. And I take that to heart. I praise God for the inspiration that I am to the world. But it is not to say that there’s someone else out there going through pain. See, we all are denying ourselves and taking up our cross. We all know how it feels to be lonely or broken and the thing is that I could look at you and I say you know what; maybe the things that you’ve gone through are maybe worse than I have. And you’re thinking, “No, no, no I could never imagine myself without arms or legs.” You see, we can’t and we should not compare sufferings but this is what we do as a family of God. Come together…”

“And the greatest thing that God has given me is His love. To know that He does love me when there are things that happen in my life that I don’t understand, and when things happen in your life and you don’t understand the purpose. The question is this: is God worthy of your thanks? Is God still worthy of your praises? A lot of people say that verse, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” What does that mean? What is your joy? Why can you rejoice always? Because the joy of having Jesus Christ loving me so much that He died for my sin, He’s given me salvation. This life here is temporary, but you know what? I love the fact that that is the greatest joy of all is having Jesus Christ in my life and living the godly purpose He has for me. And I can be thankful. I thank God. I thank God the He said no when I asked Him for arms and legs.”

 “When I read such a tangible wave of faith and peace came into my life. And that’s when I felt God saying “Nick, everything is going to be okay.” And that’s where I decided to let God be God. I said, “Lord, here I am. Use me. Mold me. Make me into the man of God wants me to be.” So I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I asked forgiveness of my sins and I had peace. Every sin of mine, because the Bible says every sin of mine is forgiven when I confess it with my mouth. And then I realized something beautiful. At school so many people would put me down and maybe a lot of people in your life put you down or those negative thoughts saying you’re not good enough. You should never give up. Get a second opinion.  Get a second opinion. You know what? People might call me names when I was a child. You know what the Word of God says? “I’m a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” That’s who I am. I have a purpose, which is hope, and I see it and I love it. And no one can argue with my smile. No one can argue with my joy. No one can argue with my strength. And you know it’s not my strength. You know that His strength is made perfect in weakness, and that’s why we give all glory to God. Because without this, I couldn’t get through this on my own. It’s only by the grace of God that I’m still here.”