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To hell and back… February 18, 2008

Posted by G in from the heart, truth.

My new friends can be just an indecisive as I can, but I think I did pretty well with making decisions this week, and not worrying about what others may be thinking because every choice I made was coming from a perpective of what I wanted to or knew I should be doing… even if part of it wasn’t always the most fun thing to do.

I had no plans in the Grand Caymen Islands except that I knew that I wanted to see the Island.  My friends didn’t have an excursion plan, but were trying to come up with one.  An arrangement to meet at 8am was made so that we could make the final decision.  Terry and I stayed up a bit later the night before to go over the list and cut things down.  My only stipulation was that I needed to go around the island.  Throughout my conversation with Terry I said that I would be happy to go snorkeling again as long as I was able to tour the island, if they decided to just go snorkeling or go to the beach then that’s fine with me… I would just find something else to do. 

In the morning 5 of us met for breakfast with the handy-dandy excursion list.  I mentioned that they can choose whatever they would like, and that I was fine with going off on my own, and then just sat back and let people decide.  The decison was made to go on the land & sea tour.  This tour included riding in a semi-submersed boat with glass sides and viewing shipwrecks and the Cheeseburger reef… it pains me so to know that this beautiful reef was named after Burger King.  From there we went to the Turtle farm where I was blessed to hold a beautiful endangered species.  Then it was off to the Rum Cake Factory for, you guessed it… a yummy piece of cake and candy-like shot of rum… yea… really… After that the next stop was to the town of hell… yea… odd name for a place.  We just sat on the bus when we arrived thinking that it was just a cheesy place and almost didn’t get off.  First we walked into the post office/store to see if it was as cheesy as imagined… just the typical tourist trap.  Then we walked around to where it got it’s name.  Behind the building was this crazy looking rock formations.  The rocks are actually an old coral reef from when the ocean covered it.  Coral only grows approximately a half inch a year.  It was pretty much an amazing site to me… despite it’s nasty name. 

During this time another girl that game with us, Dee, walked around to corner drinking coconut water from a green coconut.  This is the liquid inside the coconut in this first stage, it it extememly healthy and been known to significantly lower blood pressure within 7 days (I learned that in Jamaica, but more on that later).  Claudia got one and I tried it.  It tasted alright and I thought I might get one for the novelty of it… not because I really wanted one.  When I asked where to get it I was told to go around the corner to the store.

I went straight inside and asked the lady, Pearl was her name I found out later, where the coconuts were.  She promptly said “outside the door.  Are you a Christian?”  Although I wasn’t wearing a cross or anything that would “define” my beliefs.  I told her yes and she said “Will you tell this man about Jesus?”  The man was standing to my right and I told him that God has called us to be in relationship with him because he loves us.  It appeared from what he said that he may suffer from some form of stigmata and he didn’t understand why a God that loved him would cause him so much pain.  I told him that God never said that life on earth would be easy, but if we perservere and believe in him that we would sit at please pray for David...the right hand of God in heaven.  He had tears in his eyes and on his face throughout our conversation, this man could quote scripture like the best, when I asked him his name he did so round and round and then said that his name was David.  I said “Ahhh, a man after God’s own heart…” He then went into how could David be a man after God’s own heart when he did all that he did (he was quite specific).  I explained that once David realized his wrong doings he was broken and fell to his knees, he realized he was a sinner.  He fasted and prayed, and once his son passed and judgement came down, David got up, washed, ate and worshipped God.  David is still trying to get the concept that he is a sinner and needs Jesus, and I am just another watering of the seed that Pearl is tending to.  Yet I am so blessed that God chose me to travel to the Grand (or not so Grand) Caymen Islands to share His love with a man that He is pursuing. 

While I was talking with David the bus drivers were in the store and Pearl asked them if they were Christians and they said no.  She said that they should listen to our conversation also.  Please pray with me for David and the bus drivers…


1. leanne - February 19, 2008

You rock… I’m so jealous about your trip on so many levels

2. G - February 19, 2008

well, soon enough you will be closer and the possibility of us going together is much more real… 🙂

Love ~G

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