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I didn’t find nemo… February 15, 2008

Posted by G in from the heart, mindless ramblings.

All I can say is that this has been truly one experience that was no question full of God ordained appointments.  From the beginning of deciding to go on this cruise… I was sure that God was telling me to come, the person that told me about the cruise told me that she thought God told her that I should come on this cruise.  When I called the person in charge of coordinating the cruise, she told me that the cruise was sold out, but she thought I was supposed to go, so she worked her butt off to get me on.  I was expecting a lot of time to myself… but that was not His plan.  God immediately supplied me with friends… without me having to put any effort into it.  My closest new friend is Claudia and she was a last minute addition to the trip… and God definitely wanted us to become fast friends.  The next of my “just add salt water” friends are Terry & Jim… they also happen to be my next door neighbors.  There have been many in depth late night conversations on Biblical teachings, when life can be so structured (yea… they are Baptists)… and more.  And sometimes it’s true that no good conversation happens after 2:30am… but that is not the rule.

I came with no real expectations… I was looking forward to time on my own. In the port of Key West my thought was to have no expectations about my time (other than a margarita at Margaritaville and a piece of Key Lime pie for Antje… Ft Lauderdale pie wasn’t the best… so I kept trying for you… the reseach ended soon and it’s true… the best Key Lime Pie is in the Keys) . 

Claudia had met an 86ish year old Athiest man last December and felt a need to continue to pray for him and seach him out while on this visit.  Many of us headed out in a group and she was torn with what to do.  Once she was clear she suggested we rent bikes.  Three of us rented them… Claudia Matt and I.  She was not sure where Peter lived but we were determined to figure it out… the Island is small enough & we saw it all.  Once we found it Matt & I had planned on leaving her be and going off to our one scheduled event where we were supposed to meet by 11:15am.  Peter welcomed us all in.  As we sat drinking out apple juice on the rocks he told us many stories of his Nazi days (as one who did not approve of Hitler and did what he could, when he could… but still had to serve as a Nazi).  During our conversation we tried to bring up the subject at hand and he continued to talk and talk and not give us much of an opportunity to get to the matter at hand though we tried to bring it into conversation.  As we were leaving Matt & I went out to get the bikes and Claudia was last coming out.  As she left she said “Peter I will continue to pray for you”.  His response was “Oh,you know I don’t believe in God… you don’t have to pray for me.”  “Last time you gave me permission to pray for you and I am going to pray you into the kingdom” She said… and as his demeanor changed he said “Well, then, maybe that’s why you are here.”  We have no idea what God has for this man… but the seeds have been dropped and watered.  It was the best time I could’ve had in the Keys and I am blessed that He had me be a part of it.  I love how it is all based out of relationship.  Matt is a hard core evangelist (we have since found out) and was praying for that type of opportunity.  It is no coincidence that we were all together that day and were able to break off from the larger group without all parties involved knowing why Claudia and I were looking to rent bikes.  btw… I felt like 12 again riding around that island… it was so much fun!!! 

As for Cozumel… I ❤ snorkeling…  Jorge and “captain no english speaking mexican man” were our guides and it was amazing… even thought it felt so sketchy pre-leaving dock.  We saw an Eagle-Ray, sting ray which is a rare sighting…. a huge lobster and many amazing fish… all I could think of was how amazing God is, that there is another universe under the water and he created them beautiful bright colors… even though he didn’t have to.  I can not wait to go through all my pics… I am sure that it will not do any justice to the beauty I saw.

It is amazing to me how God has brought me here and given me so many friends that have pursued relationship with me when all I had to do was just be me.  It’s been a time of truly realizing that focusing on relationship is what is really important, to continue to live as Jesus did and love one another and share His story in every day conversation.  To put away any checklist I have created and live… just live.

disclaimer… it’s way too early in the morning and I have no idea if this made any sense.  Time to get to bed so that I may enjoy the sunshine again tomorrow as we sail back to home port.  Don’t worry… the story will continue and it only gets better. 


1. LeAnne - February 15, 2008

I didn’t know you were going on a cruise… I’ve never been on one. Cool

2. Antje - February 15, 2008

Sounds so wonderful!! I am happy for you and thanks for testing all the pies for me! 😉

Love you!

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