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:P huh?? January 18, 2008

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So… my brain is pretty much swimming with things to say… so I think… but swimming in the deep end so I am just going to go basic, nothing too profound just life junk… I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed lately, like I was never going to get anything accomplished.  I’ve been in the middle of redesigning the church website, and although it’s not complete it’s been released to the public… so that enables me to be able to go to sleep earlier than 4am… sweet… 

Monday we scrambled before youth group, Jesse was sick & was supposed to teach.  But it turned out to be actually one of the best nights.  Amanda found this sweet game on this site that the kids got into it and then I had decided that we should show a nooma.  Any one who knows me, knows I ❤ nooma!  I picked Dust because I thought it would fit well with where we are in the Old Testiment and it definitely fits well into the theme of defining the character of God.  I stayed with the junior high boys (& 2 girls) because they have been difficult at times and I’ve probably come to get to know how best to work with them… Amanda stayed with me too and she had a blast.  We covered everything from what things were like in OT times and why do we need to learn the stories in the bible which led to questions of sin, repentance, grace, praying for others and more… scary as it seems… I think that in some ways I was made to work with junior high boys… (shhhh…. don’t tell anyone….)

Tomorrow we leave for the winter youth retreat… that’s pretty cool, the first one without Mike, but we’ll be just fine.  5 leaders should do the trick!!  🙂  We have 16 kids going, so that’s pretty sweet too, this is the most we’ve taken.  I am excited to see what’s going to happen this weekend.  I always enjoy the time away with the kids.  It always makes opportunity for great conversation and of course plenty of time for me to kick their butts in air hockey…    

Well, I was going to continue on and on, but I think I’ve rambled enough for now….  just met Anoli’s dad… Darin was giving a tour to some guys from their church… I think I need to take the next few moments & clean off my desk… since I haven’t seen the top of it & I’ve been in major project mode for the last month & a half…  just in case something like that ever happens again…  and what does that mean… I make a good Baptist??? I think it had something to do with the fact that I bake, but I am not too sure… a lot of stuff was being said at that moment…


Are you ready to G.O.??? January 8, 2008

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We made this video as a promo for our upcoming trip to Namibia this summer… are you coming on the journey of a life time??

What if… January 4, 2008

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the season to be jolly lasted all year long???