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I’ve got plans you know… November 8, 2007

Posted by G in from the heart, mindless ramblings.

I am not going to go there yet Jackie, but it still may happen… 🙂

Those of you that read this thing (well, at least the 4 I know about… and possibly more that I have no clue are reading) know that I was hoping to be in Namibia right now… I hear it’s quite hot with some rain… In my plan, I would be back next Friday.  But this was not God’s plan… He has given me the desire to be there on a longer term since February of 2004.  I have made up many excuses in my brain why it hasn’t happened & I finally thought that I came to the point where I was out of excuses.  When it got closer to the time for me to go I started looking into airfare & an uneasiness came over me… like it wasn’t time for me to go.  I felt that I was trying to make happen my desires and not His.  I finally left it in God’s hands and asked him to make it clear with the cost of the ticket.  Oh, he made it clear alright an extra $400 clear.  Since the time that I was to leave… I have had more issues with my mom’s estate… a new tenant… sewer… water… furnance… not the easy stuff.  He has made it quite clear to me that it wasn’t His timing, just my desire to make it happen.  

I am still moving forward with spending next summer in Namibia.  There is so much I want to learn about Joan’s ministry and the things that Dieter is doing.  I am amazed at how a moment of stuttering out part of my story in a church service one Thurday evening in February of 2004 has given me such a heart for the women of Namibia.  And I know that I could speak it more clearly today than I ever would have imagined back in that day. 

So, if you could please pray with me for the settling of my mother’s estate, all the issues and repairs that are coming up right now and for God’s will in my moving forward with the things that I know He has called me to do.

“If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”
~Philippians 2:1-4



1. jackie - November 9, 2007

Thanks for this post, G. I am still not sure about the thinking and decision making processes that come into play. God’s plans verses a person’s desires…I like that thought though. And that is a good enough sign for me, because if you had gone to Namibia, you wouldn’t have been back to go to the Crowder concert with us! And, I think He really wanted you to be here for that! Lots of Love!

2. jackie - November 9, 2007

One more thought before I turn in…I am going to say that I start and end my days as a happy person about 350 days a year! Haha! That leaves about 15 days to be bummers. That’s enough! I think I will expand on that on my own blog, since I have 22 more days to blog about something!

3. jackie - November 9, 2007

Well, at least 22 more consecutive days to blog about something…

4. jackie - November 9, 2007

And now you have four comments on this post; I am going to turn in now! : )

5. G - November 9, 2007

Hey Jack!
Well… I can’t really explain it… it’s just a feeling that comes over me, I guess more of a realization. I was thinking on something this week in regards to the same subject and it really hit me last night. I was planning on posting on that today. I am not sure how timing is going to work since I unexpectedly had to come into work this morning to help with the book project so I still need to make time for the gym… if not… the cheesecake factory just won’t feel right… 🙂

I am not quite sure about my “happy average” but I know that it’s quite similar to yours… 🙂

Love ~G

6. jackie - November 9, 2007

And just so that we are counting the same, the time spent out of the country doesn’t count……Haha! Cause that just gets all messed up!

7. G - November 9, 2007

ugh…. man…. I think that my average just got better…. sweet 🙂

Love ~G

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