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Blessed Be The Name of The Lord July 30, 2007

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Last Monday a few of us were traveling down to Pennsylvania for the Teen Leadership Conference (TLC).  We were in New York and as we came around a corner the traffic was stopped.  Mike had to make a bit of an abrupt stop, but nothing too serious.  We were in the passing lane and I just noticed the license plate in front of us said “IRIEVIBE”… irie is a Jamaican word for cool…  Suddenly I heard this rumbling and as I looked to the left an 18-wheeler was coming at a high rate of speed down the median (which was not a lot of room since there was a hill and trees going up the side).  As the truck was next to us all of the lumber spills off onto the left side of the trailer and the truck is still going… next thing we know we can see the trailer about three car lengths ahead, but the cab has disappeared down an embankment.  I was a bit freaked out, but more on the PRAISE GOD side of freaked out!!  And suffering from a bit of disbelief… well, the driver was up and walking within 10 minutes (I was not going to rest until I knew if he was alright since like I said, the cab just disappeared).  It was such a strange moment realizing what an amazing thing just happened and the fact that the driver noticed in time to move the truck onto the side of the road…  it could’ve been quite a horrific accident… but all in all… the best part was when we finally saw the cab…

Yea, no shit!!!

Yea, no shit!!! as quoted from one of our fellow on lookers...



1. meegs - July 31, 2007

thanks g –

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