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Marwidge, it’s what bwings us togeda… July 17, 2007

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

Very soon I will have a post up about my trip…

I’ve realized that I am quite content with who God has created me to be and the life that He has laid before me.  I often think about the freedom I have and what a blessing that is.  The path that he has laid before me and how He so faithfully reveals each step as I need to know it.  I have come to realize over the past few months that my latest desire to shed pounds is not to impress others, but to be in obedience to God.  I have never been able to say that before.  I think this new found desire will help me in the times when I am receiving unwanted attention… keeping me focused to perservere.  I’ve always had a fear when it comes to marriage… I always say it’s what I want, but it truly scares me… hence the unwanted pounds…  One thing I realized on this trip is that I just desire a friend that I can trust that cares enough to know when I am hurting and then cares enough to dive into the murkey waters.  Until I can trust… who knows if I will ever be ready for marriage. 



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