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I LOVE THIS KID!! April 4, 2007

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My boy!!My friend Jen’s eight year old son, Austin, I would say is the smartest kid I know… I often say that he’s too smart for his own good.  I have many stories about how his brain works and how he will debate you on just about any subject if he thinks that he is right and you are wrong… I praise God that I have never fell victim to that, because he would probably win, even if I have the correct point of view. 

 Some of my favorite stories include how at two he was asking his mom “If that’s a windshield… where’s the wind?” or me trying to cover for uncle Mark when he left without saying goodbye while Austin was taking a bath.   “Auntie G where’s uncle Mark?”,  “He’s outside riding his snowmobile.”,  “Auntie G, that doesn’t sound like uncle Mark’s snowmobile, that’s Rob’s snowmobile.” 

Those are just two of the many, but here is the latest and greatest… I think this one tops them all, I received this today in an email from Jen:

Austin has been sick, so I call to check on him.  He gets on the phone and I ask him how he’s feeling.  He says, “Good, but I think I got puberty”
I say “Why do you think that?” (trying my hardest not to burst out laughing)
He says “Because my voice is changing”
I say,  “Oh, honey, I don’t think that’s it, sounds like you may have a cold and it’s making your voice scratchy
He says “ooook”