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Blessings… February 16, 2007

Posted by G in random stuff.

The snow plow fairy visited this morning… I have just been driving through the foot of snow in my drive way.  It’s pretty cool giving Orvis the opportunity to use his 4-wheel drive, but last night as I was going to sleep I was thinking that once it warms up and then freezes again it’s going to be impossible to drive through the snow.  As I was laying in bed this morning enjoying the warmth under my covers I heard a fairy off in the distance… when I finally got out of bed I realized that he had visited my house.

 Now… if I could just figure out what happened to my 2 shovels… I think it was gremlins…


1. LeAnne - February 17, 2007

We haven’t had any snow this year, in Bosnia or Croatia… well, a light dusting once, but that’s it. It’s been so weird. It hasn’t even really been very cold… and when a Florida girl says that… 🙂

Be careful driving… I don’t want to read a blog about how you went slip- sliding away…

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