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Congress ’07… I pray it’s not the last! February 8, 2007

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I 3 Donald Miller!This year’s trip to Congress was quite an adventure.  It was full of fun times, silly times, reflective times and of course constant learning and confirmations. 

It was one of those wake up at the butt-crack of dawn… finish (& start) packing and head out a little bit behind schedule type of days… which all worked out because my friend Jackie was on the same schedule… so we both made Erica wait 15 mins….  After stopping for coffee and finding our way through Boston by faith, we arrived in plenty of time.  We walked an unnecessary 4+ blocks to the convention center and found some nice seats in the balcony… my favorite place to be…  During the weeks leading up to Congress Jackie and I were wondering “who this guy is” that is going to be leading worship, Mike Hohnholz is his name…  he opened the morning with “Beautiful One” by Tim Hughes… I absolutely love this song and I was instantly in tears… ahhh… estrogen….  Later we ran into him and I let him know what a blessing it was for him to open with that song….

We heard rumor that some of the New England Patriots were going to be there so we decided that we needed to stalk down the information and those that were in the know… thanks Denise & Bill!!  It was true… Don Davis #51… “my favorite” Line Backer-Special Teams guy was attending and going to be signing autographs on Saturday.

One of the best parts of the event was that Tony Campolo, Henry Cloud and Donald Miller were all speaking about relational missions/ministry.  It amazes me how God works and has people talking on similar topics…  God is good…

Tony Campolo really struck me as he was talking about youth in poverty and he mentioned the 20/20 special “Waiting For The World To Change”.  This report made me think more and more about children in our surrounding communities and how there are Invisible Children everywhere (I’ll go on about their ministry another time) .  I have a few thoughts on how to step outside myself and how to bring our youth along side…

Henry Cloud was speaking on “relational evangelism”… how we need to live our faith and show Christ’s love through our lives.  It’s a beautiful concept, that most don’t grasp.  Real people living their lives, loving God… not trying to hide their “junk”, but striving to move past it… I need to stop on this one… I don’t want to go on a tangent…

Donald Miller was also speaking on being relational, but the main point was the story that we live.  He also commented on the fact that we take parts of the bible and twist them into our needs instead of taking the whole story as the narrative that it is and then see how the biblical story can relate into our lives… and how we can live it.  One thing he said that really stuck out to me was “The chief role of a Christian is to tell a better story”… my take… why would anyone think they need Jesus if we as Christians are just living as the world lives… instead of loving and living as we are called.  The above pic was taken of he and I by Jackie… some of the ladies are still plotting ways for him to fall hopelessly in love with me… Kathy is drafting a letter… Mike is out for sabotage…

Another highlight of the weekend for me was when Mike Hohnholz also played “Beautiful One” on Saturday morning and later that afternoon we saw him and he said that he thought of me as he was putting his set list together that morning… “AWE MI-IKE”that’s for you Jack… 🙂



1. LeAnne - February 9, 2007

What a cute picture! So glad you had a good time… this is such a cheezy comment, but i’m just not on my best game tonight… but i love ya – thanks for texting anf chatting 🙂


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