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Another Drop In The Bucket… January 25, 2007

Posted by G in youth min.

So, have I told you I love youth ministry??

This weekend’s retreat was definitely great times.  I really enjoy getting away with the kids in situations where we really have time to talk.  The trip up started out a bit stinkie… note to self: do all you can not to have all the junior high boys in your car at the same time…  but after much heartaching, since it was tough to breathe, I realized that these were the boys from my small group and what an opportunity it was to hang out with them.  FYI: threatening them by spraying them with cucumber melon spray is not a great deterrent… they just continue to emit horrible ordors as a counter attack… but all in all it was fun and I had a few opportunities to speak into their lives in regards to school and people they hang out with.

The majority of my weekend was spent with my girls… we had some interesting long conversations, which always starts out with boys and the distraction that they can cause.  The thing that really makes me smile is that they brought it up and realize that it’s a distraction and they are not quite sure how to change their focus… and admittedly sometimes they know that they do not want to change focus. 

My biggest prayer was for one girl that I do not know very well… I wanted to learn more about her background and discover where she is really at.  God did bless me with that opportunity… and I was able to explain more about true relationship with God and what that means. I explained eternal life and also why we make choices that we shouldn’t as well as how God’s grace plays the greatest roll.  Of course… some times I felt like I was talking too much and giving her too much information, but I knew God was in it and I explained to her that I was probably giving her too much and we can talk more about it all another time.  We ended the conversation in prayer and she prayed out loud for the first time.  Her prayer included that she really wanted Jesus in her life and it was so special that God blessed me with that opportunity.

There’s another girl that I continue to pray for… she is always on my heart… my prayer for her is that God really shows her Who He is.  That she can feel Him and truly desire relationship with Him.  She mentioned to me that she was in the same place as she was last year, but I assured her that she was further down that road.  And I explained to her what she said last year compared to what she was saying this year and I think that she was encouraged by that.  She is still not ready to make a move on her part… but I pray that God speaks clearly to her.

So, those are a couple of highlights… there are many more… too many to write here…  one thing I will share is this video of one of my boy’s first “public appearance”… we’ve got ourselves a song writer in the mix… 🙂



1. Jackie - January 26, 2007

Hey! No mention of the door frame that saved you? Looking back (ahem….let’s say in hind sight), that is a “colorful” story! Love You!

2. LeAnne - January 26, 2007

I wanna know the door frame story – give it up!

The kids are blessed to have you in their lives – I know I am!

3. G - January 26, 2007

okay… I’ll give it here… Thanks Jack!!!

So, we are on our way to one of the evening sessions… it had snowed the previous evening and people had been running in and out all day so the stairs inside the building were quite wet. Well, the temp had gone down and the wind had been whipping in through the door way which caused the water on the stairs to freeze. As a line of us were walking out to get to the session I stepped on the first step, I don’t think I made the second and I slid down what seemed pretty much straight as a board like… right into the door… I swear if the door hadn’t been shut I would’ve kept going. I had to lay there a moment to catch my breath (with a very long line of people behind me)… getting up was tough… I had to use the railing and I am surprised that I didn’t break anything. I now have this stair shaped bruise across my butt… which was a pretty shade of dark purple right away… it is now fading a bit, but every so often when I sit down I can easily remember it’s there. I found it quite humorous… I took my time limping to the session and was in no way ready to take a seat when we made it there.

Thank you for the encouragement LeAnne!!

Love ~G

4. LeAnne - February 8, 2007

That’s awesome – how’s the butt doing nowadays?

5. G - February 8, 2007

Well… that part is back to normal… butt…. 🙂 I have been having some pipe/water issues and I “let” the well cover fall on me… which caused a big gouge and bruise a bit higher up on my hip/butt…. yup… I’m a klutz!!

Love ~G

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