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My Prayer… January 18, 2007

Posted by G in mindless ramblings, random stuff.

So… I am doing this one for Jackie…  🙂

Years ago, before I really “figured out” what true relationship with God is all about, my constant prayer was that God would reveal to me “the man of my journey”… I prayed this constantly… and it was soon after I started attending Christ’s Church that I realized that He faithfully answered that prayer.  Although not as I expected… that man is of course Jesus.  Soon after I had that realization I made another list and entitled it “My Prayer”.  This list consists of qualities that I would love a future husband to possess…. or as Derek Webb would put it “my non-negotiables”.  As you can see… they may be held to interpretation… but God knows what I mean… after all He put the desires in my heart anyway.  I think I will go into that in another post… I’ve actually been thinking about writing about will vs. desire…  we’ll see…  🙂  So… anyway… here is my prayer to God.   

Is a Christian
Heart of Gold… Which in my opinion is a heart for God and seeks only God’s approval.
Strong Family Values.
Expresses His Love Freely.
Lets others express themselves freely.
Sense of Humor.
Hard Working, Responsible.
Strong Opinions… and is open to hear others.
Open and Honest.
Starts conversation & keeps it going, yet doesn’t mind the silent times… since I am not the best conversationalist.
Likes my rose-colored glasses, and puts them back on my face when I take them off.
Has Vision…
Likes to Travel.
Has Respect.
Loves Children.
Loves my Friends and Family (even if they drive me crazy…)
Will argue if they are wronged.
Will help me to see when I am wrong.
Will realize and apologize when he is wrong.



1. Jackie - January 19, 2007

Thanks, G! I see that the list is a little longer than when we first chatted about this! One BIG thing that’s not on the list though: He must not have a problem with RANCH DRESSING!! Haha!!!

Love you lots,

2. G - January 19, 2007

Just one clarification about my conversation skills (or lack there of) and an addition with “will help me to see when I am wrong”…

Not so much added 🙂

btw… I would give up ranch dressing for love… 😉

Love ~G

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