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After The Rain… January 10, 2007

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Namibian Rain

Monday night started a new phase of student ministry… we finished up our last small groups before Christmas and began our new groups at the start of the new year.  My last group was pretty much amazing.  We did a book study on CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.  This particular group was just opened up to the Senior High students and it was always full of awesome converstion with some random rabbit trails on different biblical topics and day to day life.  

This time around I decided that I wanted to do a group that watched and discussed Nooma videos.  Another couple is heading a group on “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller… (as a side note… I would’ve LOVED to lead this discussion also… by the end of the book you feel like Donald Miller is your friend and it is one of my all time favorite reads)  and Mike has the final group, a “Theological Bible Study” that kids prefer not to attend…  We decided this time around not to specify one group is only for older kids and then see how that all pans out.  The time comes to choose groups… most people have heard of “Blue Like Jazz” and they decide that they want to check out that group, my group consisted of 4 Junior High boys, a Freshman girl… and 2 leaders.  Most definitely not how I would’ve “wanted it”.  Mike… well he joined in on the other group because no one chose his group. 

We watch the first of the series “Rain” (fyi… in case you care… my plan is to pick my favorites and most relevant to kid’s lives… I will not be going numerically.)  In this video Rob Bell  discusses how there is rain in our lives and God is always there to bring us through it, Bell compares it to a time in his life with his son… so, he relates this to our relationship with God as our Father.

Of course I prepared my questions and was ready to go… full well knowing that it’s not going to be as easy as I had “hoped” since it was now more focused on a Junior High level.  I began asking questions and relating things to my life, another leader shared in relation to his life.  The kids kind of had a “deer caught in the headlights” stare… but would answer… with random thoughts of what they considered rain in their lives, how they have cried out to God and what brought them to that point.  Through all the random rabbit trails and “Oh! I had this time once when I…” not at all relating to the topic…. the kids really were sharing what their idea of the topic was all about.  After a couple leaders got together to discuss how the evening went I said that “it’s not what I would’ve wanted for a Nooma group, but it was good…  the topics are more for older students and adults, but all in all it went well.”

Last night I saw the mother of one of the boys and she told me that he just kept talking and talking about the rain in his life and how he didn’t really have much rain, but lots of people have really bad rain and that he is blessed.  She said that he just wanted to keep telling her all about youth group on Monday night and did not want to go to sleep.

See… that’s what student ministry is all about…  it’s not about what you think you can do or how you think it should be done, but it’s what He does and how He uses me when I am not there!!



1. LeAnne - January 11, 2007

Very cool – I’ll be praying for you and the kids 🙂 love ya

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