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Too Cool!! December 4, 2006

Posted by G in random stuff.

My eyeview of the 3 time world champions!!!

How amazing is this!!!  I would say that this it definitely a dream come true!!  I knew that one day I would go to a game, but I never imagined this would be the view that I would have of the three time world champion New England Patriots!!  Can you say sixth row??  And the way that it came about was 100% a God thing… there was no begging, no pleading… heck, I didn’t even have to ask…  Well, that’s not entirely true…  I asked Him when I realized that there may be an opportunity… and He gave me the best birthday present EVER!  God really does answer all prayers and how great is it that He said yes to this one!!!  …through Dan & Rebekah… who I have no idea how I could ever repay them.  God You’ve got to help me on that one too….

It was a rough game… even though it was against the Lions… I was a bit stressed during the third quarter, but the game was tied up in the fourth and then “we” (isn’t it funny how fans take credit for something we have nothing to do with) pulled it off…  just barely… it’s been a pretty tough season, it’s hard to believe that “we” are tied in second…

So… I am still glowing from all the excitement… or it may just be the cold and wind burn!!!  🙂



1. LeAnne - December 5, 2006

That’s awesome! I went to a game two furloughs ago in jacksonville – it was awesome! I’m so glad you got to go!!

2. germaine - December 5, 2006

hee-hee! but was it for the 3 time world champion New England Patriots… who have had 135 consecutive sold out games and a season pass waiting list so long that they discontinued it a few years ago??? 🙂

Ah yes… still gloating…

3. LeAnne - December 6, 2006


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