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Strange to me… December 1, 2006

Posted by G in mindless ramblings.

So, I have been “playing” a bit with my blog… which is not as easy to customize as blogger, but the reason I chose WordPress is because everyone else is using blogger and at the time I was looking for a bit of anonymity… plus I was researching… just in case I wanted to change Darin’s blog over… but the answer to that is no… I like blogger better.  But how cool is it that I got germaine.wordpress.com?? I’ve gotta keep that one….

Anyway, I noticed that I can put a hit counter in the sidebar… and what did I discover… I have had 41 hits to my blog!!  41!  That’s kind of wild.  I understand it has been a few months since I set it up, but the fact is… people were finding it on their own.  They have looked upon this sad, lonely, empty blog.  Strangers I would have to say… I’ve only mentioned this thing to one person and I claim that was under complete duress.  🙂 

Well, here’s to a new journey of opening up and writing stuff down… thoughts, feelings, mindless ramblings… for those of you that come along unexpectedly…  Welcome!and good luck!



1. LeAnne - December 1, 2006

Yeah! More stuff from G!!! Woohoo!! 🙂

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